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Surviving the Storm

Jun 9, 2021

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How one mother's complications during motherhood empowered her to take a stand for medical freedom
  • The benefits of a more natural approach to wellness 
  • Why it always severs you to do your research 
  • Why Kristina thinks it's necessary to speak up for the kids that don't have a voice/choice
  • What it means to be a conscious vaccinator
  • Today you no longer have an option- if you aren't jabbed, you can't participate in life/school.
  • When being authentically you, you arrive that much closer to the people who "get you."
  • How the system failed her (She never wanted to be "anti" anything- and still isn't!)
  • Your children eat what you feed them.
  • How being mindful of your health is detrimental to that of your child.
  • You have options and choices for your desired doctor, birth, and vaccine plan.
  • The benefit to midwives 
  • Natural alternatives CAN and DO work.
  • Find your tribe. The support you seek is out there.
  • Arm yourself with the tools and the knowledge to take care of your family


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